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Krista Wortendyke

My name is Krista Wortendyke. I have recently left New York to pursue my MFA in Photography at Columbia College Chicago. I do fine art photography as well as freelance work for magazines, websites and musicians.

The photographers that I studied throughout my education have all used the camera as a means to capture the realities and subtleties of the world as they experience it. I always loved photography, but felt that it was a stifling medium because of the expectations of “what makes a good photograph.” I thought that one instant, while it may be enough to make an impact, was not what I was after. I began to study videography, but that was too far on the opposite side of the spectrum. I wanted to create something that the viewer could look at without having to watch that spanned across time, but did not include sound or characterizations. The body of work shown here is the result of that idea. They are all long exposures of lights at night. They create for us a world that we are completely unfamiliar with.

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